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Naturally friendly to the planet

Bio Wabi disposable products are naturally biodegradable in the environment. Their degradation process begins when they are exposed to bacteria and other microorganisms, causing them to break down into simpler organic compounds. They are a great option for those who are looking for an ecological alternative.









Why choose Bio Wabi

What makes us different

Bio Wabi was born in 2010 with the primary objective of finding an ecological solution to avoid the use of traditional plastic and Styrofoam.
We are a proudly Mexican company committed to caring for the environment.


At Bio Wabi we are committed to the development, research and production of high quality eco-friendly disposables that serve as an alternative to disposable products made of plastic. Our purpose is to create value products that contribute to the well-being of our environment and ecosystem.

Bio Wabi is synonymous with quality, satisfaction and trust. Our goal is to continue innovating in the production of environmentally friendly ecological packaging. Achieving to be recognized for our high commitment to reduce the environmental impact, as well as for the attention and personalized service to each of our clients.

We can make custom solutions. Any product with the size, color and specifications according to the needs of each client. Being manufacturers we have an unmatched production capacity and highly competitive prices.

We have total experience in the field of import, export, logistics and distribution, ensuring a comprehensive service to our customers in each of their deliveries. Our products are ideal for supermarket chains, food producers, restaurants, hotels, schools and the general public who want to contribute to caring for the environment.


Our biodegradable disposable products

Biodegradation Time

How long do different disposable materials take to biodegrade?

Bio Wabi Disposables

Up to 240 days*

Plastic (bottles)

Up to 45 years


Up to 800 years

*Industrially processed biodegradable disposable products. Biodegraded under favorable environmental conditions depending on temperature, humidity and oxygen.

Bio Wabi Mentions

Ricky Luis

Piojo Herrera

Dr. García

Alberto Lati

Francisco Zea

Pablo Carrillo

Toño de Valdés

Yanin Trabulse

Luis García

Pablo Carrillo

Ricky Luis

Bio Wabi presentations

Bio Wabi biodegradable & disposable

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Certified products

We have national and international certificates as well as registration with the Secretary of the Environment that endorse us as a responsible company committed to the environment, offering high quality standards.